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Non-residential finishing school programs

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Lasting Impressions is a Non-Residential Finishing School Program. It shows you how to go beyond just first impressions and make a lasting impression, in the true sense of the phrase. It helps you to develop the right Confidence, Attitude, Etiquette & Grooming, so vital for everlasting Success. Whether you are a student waiting to make it big, a lady looking at making her home and work life a success, a businessman seeking to crack that big deal, an executive looking at climbing the ladder or an individual eager to improve your social skills, this program is just for you.

How does Lasting Impressions set about transforming you?

Mr. Minocher Patel has designed a time tested and proven 8 point strategy that addresses the key factors crucial for preparing individuals for a successful life.

Unleash the Potential Within.

Realize your strengths and weaknesses. Understand yourself, develop a clear target of what you want and why – in your career, your body, your finances and your relationships.

Attitude Cultivation

Shut out negative influences, shed self defeating habits. Cultivate and develop the traits of Positive Thinking and Self Belief, so crucial to a successful plan.


Focuses on a systematic, disciplined approach that helps you inspire yourself and others to consistently perform at peak levels, discover how to maintain enthusiasm and commitment towards your goals.

Correct Etiquette and Manners

Understand how correct etiquette and manners can help you in developing a pleasant personality and achieving success in life. It will focus on correct etiquette and manners in different spheres of life such as Table Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, correct behaviors in get together/ parties and tips on etiquette & manners required in our daily life.

Communication Skills

Leverage the power of Non-Verbal Communication. Develop Listening Skills and enhance your Body Language, the two essential components of Effective Communication.

Team Work and People Skills

Understand the importance of trust, co-operation and communication in building an effective team, managing conflicts and solving problems.

Art of self presentation

Enhance your personal image and project competence, authority and power through effective personal grooming and personal hygiene.

Effective Time Management

Understand the value of time and art of prioritizing tasks to increase your quality of life and manage change effectively.

Training Methodology

Lectures, Exercises, Role Plays, Video recording and Playbacks.


Mr. Minocher Patel, Founder Director of Ecole Solitaire along with a team of Ecole Solitaire experts.

Program Details


10 sessions of 3hrs each.


Mr. Amol Pendharlar, General Manager, Tetra Pak

"It was great inputs for us to be cherished in the years to come. We just did not know how the time went off, what remained with us was your distilled wisdom."

Mr. Gaurav Rampal, Executive, Poonawala Group

"Solid Value addition. The earlier done better it is. Should be done by all."

Mr. Anorag K. Bhandarkar, Businessman

"It’s really been wonderful experience being in the program. I will not forget this experience all life."

Mr. Siddhartha. M .Oak, Software engineer, Fusion Technologies

"The way you explained the intricacies of the values one needs to posses to become a good human being was fabulous. Especially the examples that you give were ones that I could relate to in my private life."

Renu Gyanchandani, Student

“Workshop with a difference, the approach and sense of humor was convincing. A living, interactive session kept the audience engrossed for hours. Program was comprehensive, effective and motivating.”

Anurag Gupta, Student

“The classes were immensely enjoyable; the teaching style was refreshing and was something that I had never experienced before. You let theory not obstruct with your teaching. It has to be seen to be believed.”

Shamita Archi, Management Student

“It was complete Personality Development session for me and I felt the changes coming within at the end of the very first session."

Mrs. Agarwal, Housewife

“This program has changed me completely. I feel totally like a new person, I feel every lady should go through this wonderful transformational program."

Ecole Solitaire is in the Limca Book of Records as India's First Residential Finishing School
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